Iro Mavrogeni

Sequenta Secure Portal

Sequenta is a leading biotech company dedicated to the discovery and development of clinical diagnostics through genome sequencing. The team at Sequenta approached us with the intention to create a web portal for their physicians. The portal provides an overview of patient information and medical history, exam records and sample status as well as enables the physicians to define further actions and order supplies for their patients. Our main goal was to enhance the user experience of the portal, which we managed after conducting extensive user testing with our target audience.

User testing also allowed us to determine to most appropriate content strategy, functionality, and user interface for the portal. The user interface is modern and clean, with a color scheme that reflects the clinical atmosphere of the company. The portal empowers physicians to have access to all the information they need, at the time they need it, and conduct all the necessary tasks and procedures in a fast, uncomplicated and user friendly manner.

Tags: UI, Content strategy, Site architecture, Conceptualization, Portal, Design, Iconography Credits: Work done while at Traina Design< Creative Direction: Mark Gallo Art Direction & Design: Iro Mavrogeni

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