Iro Mavrogeni

Microsoft IT Annual Report

Each year Microsoft IT produces an annual report which showcases the company’s technological innovations. For the 2014 report we were tasked to develop the theme, content strategy, site architecture, as well as the concept, layout and design of the digital report.
The interactive format is a custom build that delivers content via a responsive, immersive, touch-enabled user experience across all devices. The initiatives, success stories and achievements of one of the world’s largest technology companies are visualized through engaging animated stats, interactive graphics, illustrations and original photography.

The annual report had an immediate and significant impact on traffic to the Microsoft IT website, where the report quickly became the most viewed and downloaded item and accounted for 70% of all views in the first 10 weeks.

Tags: UI, Website, Content strategy, Theme creation, Site architecture, Information design, Project management Credits: Work done while at Traina Design Creative Direction, Art Direction & Design: Iro Mavrogeni

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