Iro Mavrogeni

Microsoft IT Vision website

Microsoft IT approached us with the request to create a website as part of an overarching campaign, called “Vision & Culture”, which would serve as an instrument to communicate the company’s vision, both within the division and broadly across Microsoft. The purpose of the website is to drive clarity, connection, and confidence with employees on the strategic direction of the division, which is accomplished through the creation of an engaging animated parallax user experience.

The theme of the responsive site is based on the idea of a journey, which is visualized through a continuous animated path connecting the website sections, a subtle topographic map in the background as well as the minimalistic sign-posts at the beginning of each section. Microsoft IT Vision

Tags: UI, Website, Content strategy, Site architecture, Parallax, Responsive, Animated iconography Credits: Work done while at Traina Design. Creative & Art Direction & Design: Iro Mavrogeni Development: Webmy

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