Iro Mavrogeni

San Francisco Symphony 18/19 Season Campaign

Leading the Symphony's in-house design team, I created a dynamic and unique look and feel for the 18/19 season campaign. The foundation of the campaign is the visualization of the strong connection of the SF Symphony to the city of San Francisco.
Each of the 11 organic shapes represent a San Francisco neighborhood and are used as playful elements, while they underscore the connection of the SF Symphony with the city. Elements, such as the typography, photography and color palette tie all the marketing pieces together, while allowing the brand to expand as it continues to grow.
The refreshed look and feel is being introduced to print and digital ads, brochures, hall and box office banners, tickets, posters, postcards and more.

Tags: Campaign Credits: Work done while at the San Francisco Symphony. Creative & Art Direction & Design: Iro Mavrogeni Design: Jack Morrow & Itzia Tapia

Season Brochure

The annual subscription brochure is part of the 18/19 season campaign, which I conceptualized, designed and my team and I are rolling out throughout the year. I created a design concept, which provides a unified communication and look and feel for all forthcoming concerts and events of the season and functions as the foundation for all subsequent campaigns.


I organized, managed, and directed a 2-day photoshoot with 15 musicians in various locations in San Francisco, which created a unique connection between the city and the orchestra. Photos by Brandon Patoc.

CYO brochure

The look and feel established for the season campaign grows from the season brochure to the “Compose Your Own” brochure. The brochure is unique in that it allows users to create their own concert packages with their preferred selection of concerts. We improved the way the content is structured and information is presented, to achieve an easier read, an elevated user experience and a quicker understanding of what is offered.

Single Tickets Brochure

As part of the 18/19 season campaign, the Single Tickets brochure features all the concerts available this season. Emphasis was placed on featuring individual well known artists and performers, in order to showcase the variety of world class musicians and unique opportunities for an unforgettable experience at the Symphony.

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