Iro Mavrogeni

San Francisco Symphony 18/19 Subscriber Welcome Package

The small package was developed to reflect the elevated experience of our valued patrons, as well as to increase the ease of use of the materials included. It serves as a welcome package and includes all the materials necessary to start your season as a patron, from your tickets and parking information to a pocket guide with an overview of the concerts.
A custom die cut opens neatly and reveals the subscriber benefits brochure and the concert schedule. An engaging envelope serves as the mailing piece of the package.

Tags: packaging Credits: Work done while at the San Francisco Symphony. Creative & Art Direction Iro Mavrogeni, Design Jack Morrow

Concert Schedule Booklet

The pocket-size booklet features all the concerts of the season and functions as a handy reference when needed to look up a concert. Musician images dispersed throughout are lightening up this content heavy piece, while emphasis was placed on the user experience and functionality.

Subscriber Benefits Brochure

The goal of this booklet is to improve the patron experience, by providing all the offers, forms and reservation slips in a consolidated manner. The perforated pages allow for easy handling. All the complex forms were re-thought and re-created for a better user experience.

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