Iro Mavrogeni


We were commissioned to develop the corporate and brand identity for MDVIP, a network of physicians practicing proactive, personalized primary care medicine. Our work included, amongst others, the development of the corporate stationery and style guide, which encapsulates the fresh thinking of the Procter & Gamble division. We chose to redesign our branding with approachable colors and a strong logo in order to convey MDVIP as a trusted ally focused on our members needs.

To outline rules and preferences for all print and digital content moving forward, we developed a fully bound style guide. Branded and emblazoned in MDVIP orange, the guide contributed to creating and establishing a recognizable brand identity and voice.

Tags: Corporate identity, Style guide, Collateral, Conceptualization, Design Credits: Work done while at Mindgruve Creative Direction: Clint Walden Art Direction: Michael Tussey & Iro Mavrogeni Design: Iro Mavrogeni

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