Iro Mavrogeni

Ocean Conservancy

After two years researching and analyzing the effects of oil and gas development in Alaska’s North Slope on wildlife habitats, environments, and indigenous communities, Ocean Conservancy was ready to share their results with key government decision-makers and the broader community. We worked closely with their researcher in Anchorage and designed a series of pieces that effectively communicated the results of their work. Our first deliverable was 100-page print report that was mailed to Ocean Conservancy’s major stakeholders, brought to meetings, and distributed at conferences.

This entailed re-purposing a series of data-rich maps provided by scientists, and converting them into visually appealing and more accessible visualizations. Special attention was placed on identifying patterns and colors that accurately represented the information while also keeping in mind aesthetics. In addition, we created an infographic that visualized oil and gas activity along Alaska’s Beaufort Sea coast. The infographic is a stand-alone piece intended for a general audience, while also supporting their more in-depth research found in the report.

Tags: Research Report, Print, Infographic, Poster Credits: Work done while at Elefint Designs. Creative-, Art Direction & Design: Iro Mavrogeni

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