Iro Mavrogeni

The SF Conservatory of Music in Hamburg

A delegation of SFCM trustees, donors, and staff accompanied three of SFCM’s distinguished piano faculty and head technician to Hamburg, Germany, on a quest to select four new concert Steinways. Three days were spend immersed in unique educational experiences and opportunities to explore the city’s significant role in music, past and present.

For this special long weekend in the historic city of Hamburg I was asked to create an invitation, as well as an itinerary card, which would serve as a guide to their trip.
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Tags: Welcome Card & itinerary Creative & Art Direction & Illustration & Design: Iro Mavrogeni

Both, the itinerary and invitation follow the brand guidelines established by the SF Conservatory of Music. However, there is one element added to the print pieces, which differentiates them from other excursions and events and nods to the destination of the trip.

Outlines of the characteristic and newly build Music Hall, St. Michaels church, landmark Heinrich Hertz Tower, and warehouses create a unique and recognizable visual.

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